What can we do for you?

In a world where people are only meant to be professional at one thing, we offer no excuse for providing:

1. Consulting Services in

  • The use of advanced logic to isolate and resolve problems
  • Managerial technologies, and their execution by our staff where desired, that establish start-ups or sort out specific trouble areas in already established companies
  • Through our world-class partners we offer a full spectrum of PR and marketing services, but at a fraction of the New York rates such quality normally commands:

    2. Corporate branding and image management

    3. PR and marketing campaigns

    "WOW! You really followed my earlier considerations to the 'T.' I shouldn't be surprised, but because it's uncommon enough in working with various folks (even a lot of very talented ones), I am surprised and it's nice to know that you are not only really listening, but very directly applying my guiding voice. It's nearly flattering. Thanks!" Editor, Converge Magazine; referring to a series of articles being worked on

    4. Writing and Photography

    Let's face it, most people can write and, with digital cameras that do everything but make the coffee, anyone can shoot a photograph these days.

    So why hire a freelance writer and photographer?

    "If you are tired of receiving mediocre work and possibly behind schedule, even if it is low-priced, it might help to know that Words & Images' highly experienced, creative, prolific, and reliable team delivers high-quality writing and photography of most kinds on schedule and within budget.

    It's the difference between standing out from the crowd and being in it. Between ideas that exist and those that are noticed and sought."

    Whether you want print or digital, we can provide for all your copy and photographic needs in the following areas:

  • Ad copy
  • Brochures
  • Corporate histories
  • Corporate quarterlies
  • Direct mail
  • Editorial
  • Educational books
  • Educational courses
  • E-mail letters
  • Fact sheets
  • Feature articles, trade press and consumer magazines
  • Fliers
  • Ghostwritten books, fiction and non-fiction
  • Manuals
  • Market Research
  • Newsletters, electronic and print
  • Press releases
  • Product application stories
  • Technical papers into articles
  • Technical Writing
  • Web site copy
  • "You are on top of our list when timing is critical because we know we can rely on you to come away with the pictures and the story." Account Executive, Hutchins, Young & Rubicam

    5. Videography

  • Aesthetic and effective videos that get your point across
  • 6. Editing and copyediting

    7. Book packaging, publishing and distribution

  • for those who are fed up with collecting rejection slips from mainstream publishing houses
  • Why use a small company?

  • We don't have fanciful day rates to cover high overheads, for a start.
  • But we do produce a wide variety of fresh, award-winning writing services and photography that major (and minor) corporations, publishers and agencies, as well as private individuals, need.
  • We are flexible to your needs.
  • You receive personal service only from the principals.
  • Our copy is invariably on target and always before deadline.
  • Our photos are per spec with additional options offered.
  • And because you'd be in good company--check out how our clients felt about the service they received.
  • "Steven (Ferry) has the ability to dive into a subject, pull out the pertinent information, make sense out of it and then write an article that keeps a reader involved and interested in the story or product. He is a wordsmith. His work is intelligent, accurate and interesting. He presents a product that is ready for press and he is an editor's dream. I would urge you to make use of his talents. He is good!"
    Executive Editor, hr:watches Magazine

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