(A Sampling of Unsolicited Comments)

Sure, it's heartening to receive unsolicited testimonials, but the real buzz is knowing we contributed to the successes of our clients.
Magazine Writing
"I've never heard our Executive Director use the word "magnificent" in a sentence, but that's what he called your work. That's quite an honor. Don't be surprised if we call on you again for the next paper, whenever that happens." Trade Association magazine editor, July 2007

"Very Good! You wrote a very good article with some real substance. We certainly are enjoying the spot light and hopefully some dividends." TD, CEO, Wisconsin, May 2006

"I really enjoy your articles, every one of them: they are always very interesting and very well done." MH, Magazine reader from Mississippi, 2006

"Damn, you're good. And you're worth every penny. I know this one might cost us extra, but you're worth it. Do what you've got to do, and bill me accordingly. Man, I'm amazed. I really lucked out!" Trade magazine editor, Fall 2001

"I want to thank you for a very fine article and artwork. It was a pleasure to have both text and photographs without my asking and asking!" Senior Editor, consumer magazine, Spring 2004

"We are very pleased with your work and your ability to fit your style to ours. We have received numerous compliments that this is the best issue ever." Communications Manager, Lockheed Martin

"The results from the Harvey readership survey are excellent, showing our publication is read, digested and talked about by the readership. As my main collaborator in producing issue after issue, I thought you should know." Editor of a national magazine

"I hadn't read your article yet, so I asked the Exec VP, who had received his copy, if he thought it was any good. He's a tough critic, but his response was, 'Yes, it's VERY good.' For him to come out and show such enthusiasm for an article is a milestone. ... Since we got your story in time (THANK YOU!!!), we have changed the cover. ... You spoke the words of a united nation. ... You will find that the majority of what is published is what you submit. So, in the end, you're our favorite free-lancer. You probably always will be. I knew you could handle this in the first place, and that's why I chose you (without a doubt) to do this important article. Believe me, for future 'impact articles,' the other guys don't stand a chance. You did a GREAT job. I can't tell you how pleased I am. And the fact that the Exec VP is pleased is just icing on the cake. Pat yourself on the back ... several times!!!" Editor, industry magazine, Fall 2001

"Wow, this is the first president's interview that almost made me cry! ... I've known him the entire ten years I've been here and you really captured him. The results are fabulous, what a great read!" Editor, international trade magazine, Fall 2003

"Wow, this article is very, very good. My compliments. It will make a beautiful cover story." Editor, international high-end consumer magazine

"I would like to thank you for the great article and truly stunning cover shot of the Sapphire Tourbillon." Marketing Director,Audemars Piguet

"The article on synthetic gypsum was excellent. The author did some very good research and the article was very well written. My compliments to both him and you. Do more of that type of stuff." Magazine reader and industry executive.

"Thanks so much for your excellent work; your team has been a pleasure to work with." DM, Marketing Executive, Lockheed Martin, 12/08

"I can not thank you enough. You are such a sport for pulling a last minute all nighter like that!!!! Wow." Marketing Director IOMA, New York

"TG (and boss, TJ) were at first unsure that having an 'outsider' work on the material would be useful--that it would take too much time to counsel the writer to get any product improvement. I'm pleased to tell you that they were quite pleasantly surprised at how quickly you provided excellent drafts. I will be talking with VP Communications about extending your capabilities to him and his organization." Lockheed Martin Executive

"We are going to use the article for the annual report as well as in trade publications. Thanks again for a job well done!" Siemens PR Exec

"Two hits with one story is damn good, and it was a good story." Siemens, 1997

"Thank you for ALL of your help and support. I see why [the boss] raves about you. Are you game to help again in the future?" Communications Executive, Lockheed Martin

"What a value the case history on Shell's facility has turned into. The same story that we recently ordered for reprints from I&CS Magazine is now scheduled for the next issue of Automation Technology Online. Then add these two to Consulting Specifying Engineer, Pure Power, and CEE News. The various printings have made the story an outstanding PR value." Siemens, 1999

"Your continued support has made UPDATE the No. 1 read and employee communication vehicle; your professionalism and easy-to-work-with style make you both a valuable asset to our team. Thank you." Pratt & Whitney

"You're the epitome of the conscientious freelance." Siemens PR Executive

"I don't know whether you intended that I receive a copy of your company's newsletter. In all events, I'm delighted to see you are continuing to do business successfully. Hopefully we can put the unfortunate past behind us and work together in the future. Please call me if you would be interested in having lunch." A competitor's legal counsel to the CEO of one of our client companies

"I want to express my appreciation to the brilliant writer/editor, David Phillips, who was instrumental in organizing the contents of this book during its initial stages. David helped me sort out my thoughts and encouraged me to write the book "on my own" since it concerns my experiences and feelings. For that I am very grateful." Jim Duffy, Author & President ABC Television for 15 years

"What a wonderful day. The books arrived. Elaine and I could not have been more pleased than we are. The story, the presentation and the pictures exceed our fondest hopes for the book. We know and shall not forget that you alone are responsible for the wonderful conclusion to two years of effort on our collective behalf. We could never envision at the beginning that we would find an author such as you who is so organized, so patient, so thoughtful and full of or wonderful ideas that would make the final outcome so pleasing and so complete.
Elaine and I do not know what we can do for you to show you our complete appreciation for your efforts in our behalf. If you ever have someone in the future who is contemplating having you assist them in telling their life story and would like to speak or correspond with us or even telephone we would be happy to tell them all about you. Thank you so much." Elaine and Gordon Knapp

"The GM showed your work to all the staff as the kind we should be doing. Of all the freelancers, your work was the tops." Account Exec, Fleishman Hillard

"First across the finishing line. You are not just damned good, you are damned fast. Excellent work. I had scarcely any edits." Comet Creative

"You're not just any freelance, you're a Super Freelancer! I mean that. Everything you've sent has been way before the deadline, extremely well written and right on target. You're making my job easy and I really appreciate it!" Creative Energy Agency

"I wanted to again thank you for your support and hard work during our photo assignments in Florida this past week. Your witty sense of humor and diligence to get the job done made mine easier. I look forward to working with you again." Multimedia Project Manager, Lockheed Martin, Fall 2003

You're a real asset. Siemens Corporation PR Exec, 2004

Thank you Steven, you made it very enjoyable on my end. You're tops on my list for Florida! Image Acquisition Editor, Holt Rinehart & Winston

"I hope we will be able to do business in the future. You are an excellent resource." Photo Editor BB, MacMillan/McGraw-Hill

"Over my 20+ years of working at the professional level of tennis, I have unfortunately been disappointed more than I care to remember and by too many people to count, who quickly call themselves 'professionals'--coaches as well as photographers. Friday was one of the few times I was very fortunate to view two people who are well deserving of the title." Professional Tennis Player & Photo Model, Florida, 2003

"It was a real pleasure working with you on this project. Until our collaboration, I had no experience with hiring outside photographers. Your kindness and professionalism made my job much easier. The best reward was seeing the wonderful pictures arriving after each shoot." Photo Researcher, Pearson Learning

"Enclosed please find a copy of HRW Algebra. .. Thank you for all that you have contributed to the making of what we believe to be a great textbook!" Photo Research Assistant, Holt Rinehart & Winston

"Your speed and quality have really saved this project. " (29 location shots with over sixty models on the editor's desk within ten days of the surprise assignment). Photo Researcher, Jones & Bartlett

"In the past, we have had many reshoots because photographers don't notice things that create problems. That means one of us usually has to attend shoots to make sure some little detail isn't missed. What's amazing is that you didn't have any reshoots." Senior Photo Editor, Harcourt Brace

"Thank you for the great job you did on the photoshoots for the books. It's always appreciated when a project runs so smoothly due to the great outside resources." Design Manager, Rigby

"Our client was down from Chicago today. All one hundred shots and library submissions were a hit and and he wants more!" Freelance Photo Researcher

"Your speed and quality has really helped this book immensely. People here have made a point of singling out your photos for their color and quality." Photo Researcher, Jones & Bartlett

Thank you for the super job on Red Badge. I so appreciate your conscientious attention to the details. I really cannot thank you enough for having been so helpful with our past projects and am indeed sorry that we are going to have to do without Monica's proofreading. She is a rare find, and her work, needless to say, is second to none. Editor, Ironweed Press

You are quite right about the errors. The corrections have been noted by the Press and will be incorporated in the next printing of the text. Editor, New Oxford English Dictionary and text research