Hospitality and Service Industry Articles

The Butler Professional

When You Already Offer the Best

Poor People Skills and the Wealthy

Just When You Thought You Knew Everything

So What is a Butler, Anyway?

The Word Was Butler

Not All Butlers are Created Equal

Ask Not What The Butler Did, But What He Could Do For You

A Duty to the Profession

Tips on Middle East Protocol

A Royal Butler Disgraced

The Butler's Professional Code of Ethics

The Spa Butler

Spa Butlers - Adding Value to Spas and Hotels Alike

The New Renaissance Spa - Of Spa Butlers & Butler Spas

Spa Service has One Key Flaw

Hospitality Industry Articles

Butler Service today - Five Leading Hotels Share their Secrets

Ethics? That's HR I'm busy with Guests Read

What To Do If There's Nobody's At Home

So How was Your Butler? Ratings Keep Hotels Honest & Validates Serious Players

Muzzling the Guest from Hell

Besting the Guest from Hell

Taming the Guest from Hell

Future Hospitality Professionals

Thin Red Line or Red Ink? Deterring Terrorism

Why Good Employees Are Hard to Find

The Hidden Drug Menace

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

Milking Sacred Cows

Hotel Butlers - Lynch or Lynchpin?

Don't Just Sit There

Hope Does Not Need Rose-tinted Glasses

Condo Hotels

Condotels-A Brand New & Growing Venue for Butlers

To Market, To Market, To Buy: Condo Hotel Overview

Differentiating Between Private Residential Clubs, Fractionals, Destination Clubs & Condotels

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