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The Principal Players

Chairman and CEO Monica Ferry has been part of the Words & Images team since its inception.

She holds a Masters in Business Administration from Heriot-Watt University in Scotland and is also a trained counselor.

In the early days of the company, she assisted with writing and photographic assignments, editing, and book packaging. In that capacity, she helped a number of aspiring authors become published and still enjoys doing so when the need arises.

Today she not only manages Words & Images itself, but heads up the business consultancy and management side of the business, bringing to bear over four decades of experience in various businesses and industries on both sides of the Atlantic; from assisting start-ups and making small businesses grow, to trouble-shooting companies in difficulties, to actually running them on a day-to-day basis.

President Steven Ferry majored in English Language and Literature before studying film and photography and thereafter publishing hundreds of books, papers, articles, photographs, and a wide range of marketing and PR materials for multiple corporations and publishers. He has lectured on various subjects at venues like the Harvard Business School and Moscow University, and consulted and taught on a wide range of topics, such as the application of logic to business and achieving superior customer service.

He continues to manage three successful businesses from offices in Florida and the mountains of New Mexico, when not traveling around the world to train, consult and lecture. He currently focuses his efforts on PR and marketing for companies that have the potential to improve conditions measurably for mankind and the world.


Vice President David Phillips is one of the founding members of Words & Images.

A veteran writer and photographer, David has published numerous books, papers and articles over the years and his photographs have been used by countless publishers and companies on both sides of the Atlantic.

In recent years he has also added videography to his repertoire. Examples of some of his work in this field can be viewed on the Videography page on our website.

David is currently based in Seattle, Washington, where he heads our West Coast Office and works as a commercial writer and photographer. He has his own website showcasing his work, which you can visit at www.davidcphillips.com


In addition to being a Fast Company branding expert blogger, David Brier is a multi-award-winning brand specialist whose work has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, Package Design magazine, The Dieline, Adweek, INC, Fast Company and numerous other publications in print and online. Being in the top 5% of presenters on Slideshare with over 800,000 views worldwide, David has created brands for a wide range of rebrands, startups and refreshing old brands in the food, tech, health services, tourism, arts, architecture and gourmet industries, amongst many others. Recognized for his brilliant use of words, design and imagery, David is one of the most sought-after branding specialists working today.

Samples of his work can be viewed on his website: DBD International.


Gillian Christie, Founder and CEO of Christie & CO, the PR and marketing partner of Words & Images, has been helping ethical companies grow for more than 30 years. Gillian has a background in international finance as well hosting a nationally syndicated green radio talk show. She provides fresh, experienced and dynamic insight and strategies to help build companies into Iconic Brands based in value, meaning, and ethics. With her extensive experience in a wide variety of industries, Gillian has successfully marketed numerous companies, technologies, and products through innovative, integrated campaigns.

Gillian's greatest passion is to help ethical companies succeed in their efforts to make the world a better place. From hiking the Alcan on her own, to running on amazing trails the world over, Gillian's love of life and living is contagious and inspires all those she meets.

Visit her company's website at christieand.co.


Vice President of Design Gracia Bennish is an accomplished creative director, artist and designer with 25 years of experience in both print and internet media. An in-depth practical knowledge of marketing and promotion, combined with an aesthetic sensitivity, underlie her ability to deliver a targeted message that captures attention in both national and international marketplaces.

Samples of Gracia's work can be viewed on her own website: www.graciacreative.com

Ulf Wolf

Writer and photographer Ulf Wolf was born and raised in Sweden, where he worked briefly as a journalist before moving to England and from there to the USA. He is currently based in Northern California.

As a writer of both non-fiction and fiction, and trained as a telecom and data systems engineer at AT&T, he has written technical manuals and user guides, as well as four novels, four novellas, and two scores of stories with new ones being added on a regular basis.

As the Senior Writer for Words & Images, Ulf keeps legacy clients well served with editorial copy while writing the technical papers and other collateral for some of our new clients.

You can find out more about his work by browsing his bookstore: ulfwolf.com

Words & Images Canada

In our Canadian office, Blake Harris has been a professional writer and researcher for over two decades, beginning his career writing for British magazines and BBC television and leading to assignments throughout Western Europe, with his articles syndicated to more than thirty countries. He continued writing for business and consumer magazines on his return to Canada and the U.S., and is currently also editor and writer for the award-winning Government Technology magazine, and its Visions supplement.

Liz Szynkowski operates a photography studio in Toronto for corporate, editorial and fashion clients and heads an advanced writing workshop sponsored by the Toronto Library, which has produced a number of published and award-winning writers.

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