Want to Publish Your Own Book?

Publishing a book is a dream within the reach of anyone today.

The vanity press, as self-publishing used to be called before the days of Print-on-Demand (POD) publishing, generally required about $10,000 to produce a book. Now, with on-line publishing houses, it can cost as little as $100 to make a book available to readers (providing you do all the writing, editing and lay-out work yourself). With each book sold, you can expect a royalty that is typically 6x that available through traditional publishers.

For a small fee, some POD publishers provide distribution of your book through the Internet as well as major outlets, such as Barnes and Noble and

The only real challenge then is making your book known so that people will buy it. Some print-on-demand publishers will even help you with that.

Having ourselves been earnest writers looking for a publisher in years past, we decided to help others publish, too. Today, we connect writers with the best publisher for their needs, and rewrite their manuscript where needed. We also edit, proofread, lay-out and format books and help submit them to the POD publisher of their choice.

Check out some of the books we've helped to publish:

In other words, we are experienced in all facets of book production. We even write for those who have the ideas but not the skills (and have had success in helping people publish with major houses, when appropriate), so we can make your dream a reality along any path you choose. All for a fee, of course, but not one that will bust the bank.

Authors of the following books have also taken advantage of some or all of these services:
  • The Natural Laws of Parenting
  • Your Health--What They All Missed
  • Tennis in Two Hours

  • "Thank you for your support, guidance and belief in me!"
    Cynthia Lucas, Author, When Lightning Strikes

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